Business License Information

Please be advised that in order to renew a business license, each file needs to be updated. If you are no longer in business or your business will not be operating for any part of 2011; you must send a notarized letter stating your situation. Once the letter has been received, an investigator will be assigned to verify your claim.

All Business License Holders will need to complete a Business License Application form for all renewals and new businesses. Please download application below. If the form is not completed, it may cause a delay in processing renewals. Each business must either provide a Tax Identification Number or the owners Social Security Number.

Businesses that are subjected to payment of gross receipts of sales must complete a Statement of Gross Receipts Form and remit payment at the time of business license renewal. Visa and Master Cards are accepted.

Each Business should have a RDS/Ala Tax Taxpayer ID#, the contact information for RDS/Ala Tax is enclosed in this letter, in case the number has not been obtained. A picture id must be provided for each business.

Businesses that perform contract work must provide proof of a current $10, 000 surety bond payable to “The City of Prichard”. A State or County License is also required.

Restaurants, Cafes, Food Establishment, and Peddlers who handle food must provide a copy of a current Mobile County Health Department Permit.

Day Care Centers (both adult and child) and Lodging Houses must provide a copy of a current State of Alabama License.

House Movers/Wreckers, Landscapers/Gardeners, Painters, and Plumbers must provide proof of a current $10,000 surety bond payable to “The City of Prichard”.

Security/Body Guards must be bonded and have a record check by the Prichard Police Department.

All Business Licenses expire on the last day of each calendar year. Business Licenses renewed after January 31st of the new year will be subjected to a 25% penalty as of February 1st and a 50% penalty after July 1st.

These forms are available for download by clicking on the appropriate form.

Business License Application

Rental Unit Statement

Annual Gross Receipt Statement

Business License Fees