Municipal Payment Notifications

Municipal Payment Notifications

Post Office Box 10427
Prichard, Alabama 36610
Telephone (251) 452-7806
Fax (251) 452-7924

Payment Notification If you owe a fine, you must have it paid no later than 5:00pm, on the day before your court date. Otherwise, you must appear in court on your scheduled court date to enter a plea. If your case(s) is scheduled for trial, you must appear in court date to enter an assigned court date. If you fail to pay your fine or if you do not appear in court as ordered, you will be held in “Contempt of Court” a Contempt of Court charge will result in the amount of an additional $50.00 penalty on each charge and/or a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Upon your arrest, you will be required to post a Cash Bond before you will be released from jail.

Additionally, if you are charged with a traffic violation and fail to pay your fine or appear in court, this information will be forwarded to the Department of Public Safety in Montgomery, Alabama and your driver’s license will be suspended, by that agency. In such cases, your driver’s license will remain suspended until your case(s) a letter will be mailed to the Department of Public Safety advising that re-instatement may be granted. However, any additional fee(s) that are required for re-instatement by the state issuing the driver’s license, is a separate matter, and should be addressed with the Department of Public Safety.

If you choose to pay your fine and admit your guilt to the offense, you may sign your copy and mail it to the referenced address. Do not send cash payment or personal checks by mail. However, if you would like to make your payment in person, cash, money orders and most major credit cards are accepted, at the payment window. We encourage you to please call 251-452-7806 to verify that the police officer has submitted to the original ticket(s). Prichard Police officers are provided a 72 hour grace period before tickets should be submitted.

In an attempt to serve you better, if you required additional information or have questions regarding this notice, you may contact the Prichard Municipal Court Office at the telephone number listed above. Any additional concerns or problems should be addressed to Tracy Houze, Magistrate Supervisor at 251-452-7923.